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What is Real Power, reactive power & apparent Power? What is Joules Heating?

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This is an article on Electrical Design, in which I will start from the basics and then go to the pro level of designing. In this video, I have explained basic electrical engineering and explained what is electrical power. What is Real Power, reactive power & apparent Power? What is Joules Heating? Why we transmit electrical power in high voltage?

Joule Heating

Resistors oppose the flow of electric current; therefore, electrical energy is required to push current through the resistance. This electrical energy is dissipated, heating the resistor in the process. This is called Joule heating, ohmic heating or resistive heating.

In many cases this dissipation of electrical energy as heat is considered as power loss.particularly in the case of transmission losses in power lines. That is why we do High voltage transmission helps reduce the losses by reducing the current for a given power.

In electric stoves and other electric heaters, we use Joule heating. And also in incandescent lamps rely on Joule heating: the filament is heated to such a high temperature that it glows “white hot” with thermal radiation.H

Electrical Drawing Layout For Homes & Residential Building In Kerala

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  • Reduce Cost & Wastage of Materials
  • Easy Maintenance in future

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