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Wide Range of Engineering Services for Achieving all your Electrical Engineering Requirements

Shishiram Engineering Services is an electrical engineering services provider offering a range of services including Electrical engineering consultancy service, Electrical designs & drawings for residential, Commerical & industrial buildings, Electrical contracting service, Electrical chartered engineering service, Switchgear panels LT/HT designing, fabrication, installation and commissioning service, Electrical maintenance industrial & commercial service, Electrical approval & liaisoning services. We cover a broad range of solutions with our expert know-how including concept design analysis, estimation & budgeting, detailed services documentation, and project administration & supervision.

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Vision & Mission

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With the power of engineering technology to support people to turn their vision into reality for safe and sustainable growth to all.

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To lead the market with engineering technology to provide safe and sustainable growth to all businesses.

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Expert Electrical Team

Sometimes it takes an expert to Blend the Engineering in the right way

The expert team of Shishiram Engineering Services has substantial experience in the designing, installation, and commissioning of high-performance green buildings and industrial complexes, emphasizing on integrated design and operational strategies for sustainable growth. Our team also an expert in industrial electrical designs, fabrication, installation, and commissioning of the power systems, control systems & automation systems. Our dedicated and diverse expert team’s approach to projects provides innovative and sustainable designs.

Customer is King

Committed to the Core for Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to the core for the needs of our clients thereby establishing a long term relationship with the clients. We, at Shishiram Engineering Services, have always kept the interests of our clients at the forefront. Our expert team with know-how achieved through experience, constant innovation, and research will not only try to bring down the initial costs for our clients but also at the same time substantially reduce the operational costs over the lifecycle of the systems installed.

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Electrical Drawing Layout For Homes & Residential Building In Kerala

A Perfectly Electrical Designed Home will be
  • Safer for Yourself & Your Home Appliances
  • Reduce the Energy Bill
  • Perfectly Designed for All Your Needs
  • Designed for Future Requirements
  • Reduce Cost & Wastage of Materials
  • Easy Maintenance in future

Shishiram Engineering Services Is an Electrical Engineering Services Provider Offering a Range of Services Including Electrical Engineering Consultancy Services. We Are Professionals Who Will Design Dream Concepts for Your Home with Modern Technology.

The basic electrical drawings and plans you need are light layouts designs, power layouts designs, distribution board details with RCBO/RCCB/Isolator/MCB specifications, fixtures marking, CCTV layouts designs, earthing designs layout, energy metering panel designs, simplified electrical schematic diagram. provision for solar and inverter and generator system designs.
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