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Electrical Drawing Layout For Homes & Residential Building

A Perfectly Electrical Designed Home will be
  • Safer for Yourself & Your Home Appliances
  • Reduce the Energy Bill
  • Perfectly Designed for All Your Needs
  • Designed for Future Requirements
  • Reduce Cost & Wastage of Materials
  • Easy Maintenance in future
Provide your house plan online and we draw electrical drawings and layouts according to your requirements and supply code regulations, adding safety features and future requirements. Our service are done all over India and abroad.
The basic electrical drawings and plans you need are light layouts designs, power layouts designs, distribution board details with RCBO/RCCB/Isolator/MCB specifications, fixtures marking, CCTV layouts designs, earthing designs layout, energy metering panel designs, simplified electrical schematic diagram. provision for solar and inverter and generator system designs. 

Need an Expert Engineer to Do Electrical & Plumbing Design (MEP Drawings) for Your Residential, Industrial or Commercia Projects

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Electrical Services For All Your Electrical Requirements

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MEP Drawings & Designs

We provide Electrical Drawings, Designs, Plans & Estimation for Home, industry, and commercial buildings. Following are the basic electrical drawings and plans you need to make before yo start any new projects.. Electrical Drawings, Light Layouts Designs, Power Layouts Designs, Distribution Board Details, RCBO/RCCB/ELCB/MCB Specifications, Fixtures Marking, CCTV Layouts Designs, Earthing Designs Layout, Energy Metering Panel Designs, Simplified Electrical Schematic Diagram, Provision for Solar, Inverter System Designs. We have also discussed the importance & advantages of having Electrical Drawings for home while building your new home.

Electrical Consultancy

We have a wide range of services as an Electrical Consultant for all your electrical requirements. Firstly Electrical drawings for residential buildings, commercial buildings and factories, Project estimation, Initial designing & planning for load submission for approvals. Then Preparation of bill of quantities and Tender Schedules, Drawings & document preparation for approvals and liaising with KSEB and Electrical Inspectorate. Next Arranging project inspection & rectification, obtaining final inspection certificate and all other approvals. We are committed to take care of our client’s interests at all means with 100%.

Electrical Contractor

Shishiram Engineering Services is a certified Class B (250 KW or All MV) Electrical Contractors licensed to execute complete electrification with supply of materials. We do site installations, Cabling, LV Equipment installation, commissioning, testing and project management. Our team are experts in industrial & commercial complexes, manufacturing units, high rise commercial & residential buildings, hotels, warehouses, luxury villas, airports, etc. Shishiram Engineering Services take pride in delivering projects on time and under budget that too with the premium quality and safety for our valued clients.

Electrical Maintenance

We have our dedicated maintenance team specialized in preventive, planned and reactive electrical maintenance of commercial assets, high-rise buildings, rental property, shop front, or factory run as efficiently as possible without any breakdowns. Our core principle in electrical maintenance is to maintain plant and equipment in the optimum condition with preventive and predictive maintenance in order to minimize breakdown & running cost along with maximizing life span.

Liaisoning & Approval

We offer an extensive range of liaisoning services in a professional manner that comes with all legal work including submissions of application, processing, complete the work and obtaining release order. We guaranty to stay till completion of work and also support the yearly inspections for renewals. We also provide legal advice on how to resolve disputes with utility suppliers like overcharging on bills, interruption in supply, voltage quality issues in supply, etc.

Chartered Engineer Services

Our team has experienced and approved Electrical Chartered Engineers. We provide Expert Certifications & suggestions on all your electrical requirements of technical affairs relating to Plant & Machinery, Buildings, and Infrastructure Projects. Shishiram Engineering Service also provides attestations and expert recommendation on Condition Assessment of Plant & Machinery, Market Valuation for Tax Assessments, Machinery’s Residual Life, Certifications required as per the new Companies Act, etc.



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Importance of Electrical Works Clauses in Full Contact House Construction Agreement

In this article, we discussed essential points that need to be cross-checked in Electrical Works in Full Contact House Construction Agreement. Importance of electrical drawings and designs for full contract agreement for house construction. What are the major clauses that we need to add regarding electrical works, wires, switches and other electrical parts in the agreement? Important things that you need to do before signing the full-contact agreement for house construction.

Electrical Drawing Layout For Residential Building | Electrical Drawings For Home

In this article, we discussed the need & relevance of Electrical Drawing, Designs, Plans & Estimation for new houses. These are the basic electrical drawings and plans you need to make for your new home. Electrical Drawings,  Light Layouts Designs, Power Layouts Designs, Distribution Board Details, RCBO/RCCB/ELCB/MCB Specifications, Fixtures Marking, CCTV Layouts Designs, Earthing Designs Layout, Energy Metering Panel Designs, Simplified Electrical Schematic Diagram, Provision for Solar, Inverter System Designs. 

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Positive: Professionalism. Thank u so much with your expertise advise as a consultant by all means, specially in electro mechanical areas. Being a client we r much greatful to u and your team.
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For spectra designs Kayamkulam.
Amrut from Shishiram has been most responsive even though I called from another city where his normal operations are not into. His posts and videos are very nice.
Amrut is a person with in depth knowledge regarding the electrical+ plumbing technical and trends for any home needs. He helped me for my new house designs. After discussing with him only I realized that, how important to make the drawings for a building. He also advised us for the pros and cons regarding any suggestions for our designs and suggested the best suitable changes accordingly. Also he always supports the workers for their doubts and clarifies everything with site visits too.
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roshan raj
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