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We are the best Electrical Consultants with a wide range of expertise in project estimation, initial designing & planning for load submission for approvals, preparation of bill of quantities and tender schedules, drawings & documents preparation for approvals and liaising with KSEB and Electrical Inspectorate, arranging project inspection & rectification, if any, obtaining Final Inspection Certificate and all other approvals.

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Electrical Drawing Layout For Homes & Residential Building In Kerala

A Perfectly Electrical Designed Home will be
  • Safer for Yourself & Your Home Appliances
  • Reduce the Energy Bill
  • Perfectly Designed for All Your Needs
  • Designed for Future Requirements
  • Reduce Cost & Wastage of Materials
  • Easy Maintenance in future

Shishiram Engineering Services Is an Electrical Engineering Services Provider Offering a Range of Services Including Electrical Engineering Consultancy Services. We Are Professionals Who Will Design Dream Concepts for Your Home with Modern Technology.

The basic electrical drawings and plans you need are light layouts designs, power layouts designs, distribution board details with RCBO/RCCB/Isolator/MCB specifications, fixtures marking, CCTV layouts designs, earthing designs layout, energy metering panel designs, simplified electrical schematic diagram. provision for solar and inverter and generator system designs.

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Our Specialisations !

preparation basic electrical designs shishiram engineering services

Preparation of Basic Electrical Designs

Preparation of electrical designs based on clients’ requirements with full compliance with all electrical regulations & standards. This process includes understanding clients’ requirements, data collection from clients, site evaluation, equipment selection, scheme as per project requirements, verification of regulations & standards of local bodies as per the project location, designing of the conceptual distribution scheme, scope of work, etc.

preparation electrical load schedule shishiram engineering services

Preparation of Electrical Load Schedule

Preparation of electrical load schedule. It includes a detailed study of all equipments and load connected to the system with the area of the proposed installation. The load includes all lighting, power sockets, motors, machinery, utility packages like chiller, compressor, boiler, HVAC and Emergency load like fire fighting systems, servers, computers, etc. Then grouping each section as per load and area of location. The load schedule will contain connected power, operating power with load factors for each section.

designing substation sizing calculation shishiram engineering services

Designing of Substation & Sizing Calculation

Designing of substation or switchyard with complete layout, the configuration of input and output systems, equipment layout, earthing system design, protection system design, etc. Sizing calculation for Transformer, DG and UPS system as per the load requirement and its load factor and diversity factors with complete compliance with regulations and standards. LT distribution designs with substation layouts, equipment layout for power & control wiring, Transformer, DG, PDBs with mandatory clearances for maintenance, bus-duct cable trench and cable tray designs for the complete installation.

preparation schematics cable schedule shishiram engineering services

Preparation of Schematics & Cable Schedule

Preparation of Schematics and Detailed Wiring Diagram. It includes the single line diagram for HT & LT distribution system, selection of proper switchgear systems, short circuit current calculation, earthing calculation, control relay & protection relay designing, etc. Cable selection by considering voltage drop calculations, full load current, switchgear rating, cable laying methods, etc. with full compliance with the regulation. Preparation of cable schedule as per power distribution scheme with cable type, cable size and total length required.

designing lighting controls elv system shishiram engineering services

Designing Lighting, Controls & ELV System

Lighting designs or design calculation for illumination and lighting layout as per the lux level suggested by the client with full compliance with the regulations and standards. Designing lighting control systems based on light intensity and room occupancy as per the client requirements. ELV System Designing which includes cable design and equipment layout for IT system, CCTV system, access control system, public announcement system, AV systems, etc.

designing earthing lightning protection systems shishiram engineering services

Designing Earthing & Lightning Protection System

Design calculation for earthing calculation and earthing layout with details of the type of earthing system, sizing and number of earthing system, layout and routing of the earthing system and connection details. Designing of lightning protection systems with full compliance with codes and regulations which include risk assessment, designing protection methods, sizing of conductors and equipotential bonding, designing of surge protection devices, etc.

preparation boq tender schedules shishiram engineering services

Preparation of BOQ & Tender Schedules

Preparation of Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and Tender Schedules. Estimation of complete electrical installation for a facility. Preparation of all required tender documents, the invitation to tender, tender form, a brief description of the work, the general condition of the contract, technical specifications, approved make of materials list, schedule, drawings, etc.

technical support installation commissioning shishiram engineering services

Technical Support for Installation & Commissioning

Providing proper consultancy for both client and contractors during the complete project phase with periodic supervision and quality control during project installation and commissioning. We support investors in projects by inspecting the actual physical status at the project site and by verifying the proper utilization of funds in the project. At the same time, we support the contractors by clarifying their technical queries and doubts at the right time.

shishiram engineering service complete electrical design

A to Z Electrical Design Consultant

Design is intelligence made visible & we are good at it.

As a top electrical consultant, we have a substantial role in many aspects of the project right from the beginning of Concept Design, Load Data Analysis, Design of Electrical Scheme, Substation Design, Lighting and Socket Layouts, Lightning Protection Design, Design of ELV Systems, etc. We are committed to taking care of our client’s interests at all means. Initial and running cost reduction without losing functionality and quality of the project is our major target.

Expert Level Electrical Consultancy Services

Knowing how things work - reduces the effort & the cost

Our team of Electrical Engineers with deep knowledge in electrical codes & regulation such as Electricity Act 2003, Indian Electricity Rules 1956, Kerala State Electricity Board Rules, IS 732 IS 3043, etc. and their substantial expertise in designing cost-effective, durable & quality solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial facilities.

shishiram engineering service expert level electrical consultancy services
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