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Electrical Chartered Engineering Service in Kannur

Most Reliable firm for Certification and Valuation form Electrical Engineer

Shishiram Engineering Service is one of the leading Chartered Engineers services providing organization. We are giving excellent & professional Chartered Engineer’s service to all our clients for Certification and Valuation for Electrical Engineering related domains. Shishiram Engineering Service provides premium quality services for all types of industrial machines and equipment with International Standards for the Exports, Imports, Financial Institutions, Banks, Customs, Excise, SEZ, EOU, TUFS related the special audit, evaluations, surveys for the above different sectors as required by the government agencies.

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Experienced and Approved Electrical Chartered Engineer

Certifications, attestations and for expert opinions

Our team has experienced and approved Electrical Chartered Engineers and we provide expert certifications & opinions on all technical affairs relating to Plant & Machinery, Buildings, and Infrastructure Projects. Shishiram Engineering Service also provides attestations and expert opinions on Condition Assessment of Plant & Machinery, Market Valuation for Tax Assessments, Machinery’s Residual Life, Certifications required as per the new Companies Act, etc. Shishiram Engineering Services will assist Corporate, Export Houses or Custom Handling Agents for various compliance as mentioned above and many more.

As Lender’s Independent Engineers

To ensure the proper utilization of funds & the technical correctness

Lender’s Independent Engineers are normally appointed to safeguard the interests of investors and bankers to reduce the risks after the project funding has started. It is the duty of Lender’s Independent Engineers in any project to ensure the technical correctness of the project execution by regularly inspecting & reporting the project status to the investor or client and checking the proper utilization of funds. Shishiram Engineering Service can act as a Lender’s Independent Engineers for investors in projects by inspecting the actual physical status at the project site and by verifying proper utilization of funds in the project.

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Chartered Engineer’s Certifications

Shishiram Engineering Services has an in-house team of experienced Chartered Engineer who can provide the right advice to all our clients enabling them to be compliant to all times. We provide Independent Chartered Engineering Certifications as required by the export house and corporates for various compliances. Below are some of the common compliances for which Chartered Engineering Certificates are needed .

Common compliances for which Chartered Engineering Certificates are needed

  • EPCG License Application to DGFT
  • Certificate for Import of Second Hand Machinery or Plant to India
  • Certificate for Import into Special Economic Zone (SEZ)
  • Issuance of Installation Certificates
  • Export of defective parts/equipment’s not repairable in India for the custom department
  • Advance License Application to DGFT
  • Duty Drawback Fixation to DGFT
  • Fixation of Input-Output Norms for industries
  • Import and Export of Plant and Machinery
  • Certifying Bill of Materials for Solar Power Developers
  • Certifying whether imported equipment falls under e-waste
  • Computation of Installed Capacity of Plant
  • Certification of investment for Export Oriented Units in Plant & Machinery
  • Manufacturing Process Certificates for the industries
  • Raw Material Consumption or End-Use Certificates for industries
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