OBO Surge Protection Device How To Fix SPD Unboxing & Installation Guide Type 1 & 2 SPDs
Safeguard your electronics with our latest video! Join us in unboxing the cutting-edge OBO Surge Protection Device (SPD) and master the art of installation for both Type 1 and Type 2 SPDs. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional electrician, this step-by-step guide will ensure your devices stay protected from voltage surges. Read more
Havells MCCB Shunt Coil Connection Why Micro Switch in Shunt Coil How to Install How it works
Havells MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker) is a type of circuit breaker used for electrical distribution and protection. MCCB is designed to protect electrical circuits and equipment from overcurrents and short circuits. The shunt coil is an essential component of the MCCB, and it plays a crucial role in its operation like trip of MCCB with respect to external signals. The shunt coil in an MCCB is connected in parallel to the trip unit of the circuit breaker. It is typically connected to a micro switch, which is a small electrical switch activated by mechanical means. The purpose of the Read more
How to Install Shunt Coil In L&T MCCB How to Trip MCCB in Auto mode Why we need MCCB Shunt Coil
In this article, we discussed about Shunt Coil In L&T MCCB. To install a shunt coil in an L&T MCCB, follow these steps: Turn off the power supply to the MCCB to make it trip as per the model. Remove the front cover of the MCCB. Identify the shunt coil terminals or slots on the MCCB. Connect the shunt coil to the MCCB by inserting the terminals into the respective slots on the MCCB. Secure the shunt coil in place using the screws provided. Replace the front cover of the MCCB. Turn on the power supply to the MCCB and Read more
Home Automation Malayalam Kerala | ഹോം ഓട്ടോമേഷൻ വീട് പണിയുമ്പോൾ എന്തൊക്കെയാണ് ശ്രെദ്ധിക്കേണ്ടത്.
Home automation is a growing trend transforming our lives. Now homeowners to remotely control and automate various appliances and systems in their homes, providing convenience, comfort, and energy savings. If you are planning to incorporate home automation in your new home construction project, here are some basic things you need to consider: Electrical Design: The first and most important aspect of home automation is proper electrical design. Plan ahead and ensure that you have enough electrical outlets, switches, and wires to support your home automation system. You may need to install additional wiring and outlets for devices such as auto Read more
things needed for mep design
What are Electrical and Plumping Drawings or MEP drawings? Electrical and Plumbing drawings, also known as MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) Drawings, are essential engineering documents that showcase the systematic representation of a building's plumbing and electrical systems. These detailed diagrams show the piping network for water supply or drainage, the location of vents or fixtures within a plumbing system, wiring systems for power transmission or distribution, lighting schemes, and more. These drawings provide architects, engineers, contractors and other professionals involved in the construction process with an accurate understanding of how these intricate systems work and how they are meant Read more
Neutral Cut-Off & High Voltage Issue Protection from High Voltage Issue 3 Methods Save Your Home
In this article, we discussed about Neutral Cut-Off & High Voltage Issue. How to Protect your home from High Voltage Issue. 3 Methods Save Your Home. Siemens Voltage Monitoring Relay With 1 Co Contacts Self Powered Timing And Monitoring Devices along with 3 phase contactor, 3-Phase Automatic Over/Under Voltage Protector with Over Current Protection and Auto-Reconnect, Voltage stabilizer DB like REAL GAURD Read more
How to Do Piping & Wiring for a TV Laying Conduit Pipe for TV Without Showing Wires Home Wiring
In this article, we discussed How to Do Piping & Wiring for a TV. Laying Conduit Pipe for TV Without Showing Wires. Read more
DP Switches Double Pole Modular Switches Why & What all loads need DP Switches Isolation
In this article, we discussed about Double Pole Modular Switches. Why & What all loads need DP Switches. Why we need to isolate phase & neutral of a any load. What are the Kerala supply rules on installation DP switches. Each 15A socket-outlet provided in buildings for the user of domestic appliances such as air conditioner, water cooler, etc. shall be provided with its own individual fuse as per IS732_11.7_ Appn_C2. Also for socket outlet of rating more than 15 A, double pole switch shall be provided. Read more
Earthing, Grounding & Neutral Structral Earthing Equipment Earthing Equipotential Bonding ECC
In this article, we discussed about earthing system, grounding system and its difference. Earthing system and grounding system are more over same. In UK and IEC standards we call it earthing system but in US we call it grounding system. It connects specific parts of an electric power system with the ground, typically the Earth's conductive surface, for safety and functional purposes. The earthing system we use can affect the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of the installation. In addition to electric power systems, other systems may require grounding for safety or function. Read more
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