How to Do Piping & Wiring for a TV Laying Conduit Pipe for TV Without Showing Wires Home Wiring
In this article, we discussed How to Do Piping & Wiring for a TV. Laying Conduit Pipe for TV Without Showing Wires. Read more
DP Switches Double Pole Modular Switches Why & What all loads need DP Switches Isolation
In this article, we discussed about Double Pole Modular Switches. Why & What all loads need DP Switches. Why we need to isolate phase & neutral of a any load. What are the Kerala supply rules on installation DP switches. Each 15A socket-outlet provided in buildings for the user of domestic appliances such as air conditioner, water cooler, etc. shall be provided with its own individual fuse as per IS732_11.7_ Appn_C2. Also for socket outlet of rating more than 15 A, double pole switch shall be provided. Read more
Earthing, Grounding & Neutral Structral Earthing Equipment Earthing Equipotential Bonding ECC
In this article, we discussed about earthing system, grounding system and its difference. Earthing system and grounding system are more over same. In UK and IEC standards we call it earthing system but in US we call it grounding system. It connects specific parts of an electric power system with the ground, typically the Earth's conductive surface, for safety and functional purposes. The earthing system we use can affect the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of the installation. In addition to electric power systems, other systems may require grounding for safety or function. Read more
What Is Fuse Wire? Can We Use Soldering Wire in Fuse? സോൾഡറിംഗ് വയർ, ഫ്യൂസ് വയർ എന്നിവ ഒന്നാണോ?
In this article, we discussed What is fuse wire and whether we can use soldering wire as fuse wire. What is difference between fuse wire and soldering wire. I have explained how to fix a fuse which is blown at home in Malayalam. We also explained fuse and fuse wire. The theory behind them and there working principle in detail in Malayalam. We also explained the use of copper wire as a fuse wire, things to take care of while using copper. How many strands of copper we should use while fixing blown fuse at home? Proof with calculation and Read more
Class 2 & Class 5 വയറുകൾ ഒരുമിച്ച് ഉപയോഗിക്കാമോ Can We Use Aluminum & Copper Cable Together
In this article, we discussed whether we can mix and use Class 2 & Class 5 cables together. Similarly, Can We Use Aluminum & Copper Cable Together? What will be the problem if we use both together in a single project? If we can use both in a single project how to use them safely? The simplest way of using both together is to connect both cables using terminal blocks or connectors and not by joining directly because over time it may get loose due to differences in expansion due to heating while transferring current. Read more
Plug Socket എന്തുകൊണ്ടാണ് കരിയുന്നത് Why Plug Socket Get Burned Problems & Solution Malayalam
In this article, we discussed Why Does My Plug Get Hot? We explain all major reasons like Loose Plug Fuse Clips or Wire Connected, Overloaded Plug, Corroded or Pins/Socket and Loose Connection within the Socket. Read more
Changing Single Phase Line to 3 Phase to Get Continuous Power Supply | Phase Selector Good or Bad
In this article, we discussed whether changing a single-phase line to a 3 phase to get a continuous power supply is better or not. That is if you are facing problems like constant power failures in the power line coming to your house and at the same there is a power supply in other lines. The main thing is that it is practically possible but the cost which comes along with it in order to change from a single phase to three phases will be around 15000 to 20000 rupees. It will be better to consult with KSEB or an Read more
How to Select Generator Size For Shop ചെറിയ കടയ്ക്ക് ഏത് ജനററ്റർ വേണം Generator for Small Shops-min
In this article, we discussed how to select a generator for a shop. Here we have also discussed the method of generator load calculation for a small shop and medium size grocery shop or supermarket. What is the common equipment connected to such shops and its wattage? How to convert it to KVA for generator size selection, etc. Read more
Electrical Design Class-7 Electrical Power Real Reactive Apparent KW KVA KVAr Wattage-min
This is article on Electrical Design, in which I will start from the basics then go to the pro level of designing. In this video, I have explained basic electrical engineering and explained what is electrical power? What is Real Power, reactive power & apparent Power? What is Joules Heating? Why we transmit electrical power in high voltage? Read more
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