What is BLDC motor How does it save electrricity
A BLDC or brush-less DC motor is an electronically commuted DC motor which does not have brushes.This is Upcoming technology which will be replacing many for are old home appliances with induction motors due to the power-saving feature of this technology. In the BLDC motor, the electronic controller provides calculated pulses of current to the motor windings in order to control the speed and torque of the motor. Using this speed control technique we can operate the motor at required output speed, thereby saving the power requirement.In this blog, I have explained about BLDC motors working, types, structure and making. Read more
Best Wire for House Wiring Gulf Wires Vs Indian Wires shishiram engineering services
Electrical cables can be classified into different Class as per IEC 60228 according to the conductors flexibility and thermal effects.Class 1 => Solid conductorClass 2 => Stranded conductorClass 5 => Flexible conductorClass 6 => Very Flexible conductorAs per above mentioned IEC 60228, according insulation conductor cable standard Class 2 and Class 5 conductors are differentiated as per its conductor hardness. Class 2 is known as twisted round cable, Class 5 is known as soft conductor. As class 2 cables being harder and less flexible are used for fixed or with less mobile design like permanent building wiring and house wiring. Read more
Surge Protection Devices SPD Why How & Which shishiram engineering services
 We have been using electricity for many year, but still now electrical power reaching our homes and factories are not perfectly safe to use. These are many due to our electrical power system during transmission and distribution is exposed to many critical conditions like under-voltage, over-voltages and voltage surges due to lightning strikes, heavy system short circuit, abrupt switching conditions. Among these issue, the major concern to everybody is sudden over-voltage condition which can cause major damage to your equipment. This leads to our today's topic of discussion which is necessary to install a device that guarantees protection of our Read more
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