What is BLDC motor How does it save electrricity

What is BLDC Motor? How Does It Saves Electricity

A BLDC or brush-less DC motor is an electronically commuted DC motor which does not have brushes.This is Upcoming technology which will be replacing many for are old home appliances with induction motors due to the power-saving feature of this technology. In the BLDC motor, the electronic controller provides calculated pulses of current to the motor windings in order to control the speed and torque of the motor. Using this speed control technique we can operate the motor at required output speed, thereby saving the power requirement.
In this blog, I have explained about BLDC motors working, types, structure and making. Advantages and disadvantage of BLDC. Major technological advancement in the BLDC technology and future of BLDC. This blog will be a detailed explainer on BLDC or Brush-less DC Motor technology for beginners and advance users. Presently BLDC motors are used in many applications which we may see in our daily life like electric and hybrid vehicles, aerospace, household appliances, industry, robotics, military, medicine, etc.

What is BLDC motor?
how DC motor work?
How BLDC motor Works
Difference between DC motor & BLDC motor
major Difference between DC and BLDC motor
Types of BLDC motor
Induction motor Vs DC motor Vs BLDC motor
Induction motor Vs DC motor Vs BLDC motor comparision
Induction motor Vs DC motor Vs BLDC motor compairison
Why BLDC fan better?

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