Electrical Design Class-6 Ohm's Law Non-Ohmic Ohm's Law in Ac Supply Impedance Malayalam-min

Ohm’s Law | Non-Ohmic | Ohm’s Law in Ac Supply | Impedance

Ohm's Law | Non-Ohmic | Ohm's Law in Ac Supply | Impedance

This is an article on Electrical Design, in which I will start from the basics and then go to the pro level of designing. In this video, I have explained basic electrical engineering and explained what is Ohm’s law. What is Non-ohmic? Effect of Ohm’s Law on AC supply?

Ohm’s law

Ohm’s law states that the current through a conductor between two points is directly proportional to the voltage across the two points. The constant of proportionality is resistance.

where I is the current through the conductor in units of amperes, 

V is the voltage measured across the conductor in units of volts, and 

R is the resistance of the conductor in units of ohms. 

The law was named after the German physicist Georg Ohm, who, in a treatise published in 1827.

Ohm’s law states that the R in this relation is constant and independent of the current. But actually, some materials do not obey Ohm’s law, these are called non-ohmic or non-linear such as diodes and batteries. Their current–voltage curves are not straight lines through the origin.


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