How To Plan For CCTV Cameras in New House During Construction Conduit Pipe CCTV Layout for House

How To Plan For CCTV Cameras in New House During Construction | Conduit Pipe | CCTV Layout for House

This article is for those who are planning to build a new house and want to install CCTV in their house. And also, to people who want install CCTV in future. Security is one of the most important concerns to all once we are building a new house.
Comparing to wireless CCTV for new house wired CCTV is better and cost effective. To Install CCTV neatly, we need to plan the position of CCTV during time of conduit laying for House. We need separate conduit pipe for CCTV and Data network. Otherwise, signal distortion will happen.
Once CCTV position is finalised we need to lay conduit for each CCTV to CCTV Panel ( DVR or NVR). 3M GI Metal box can be concealed just below the sunshade. Care should be taken to see if there is any obstruction when the window is open in front of the camera or any other unseen structure changes from original drawings. Avoid fittings like elbows, tees etc. while laying pipe for CCTV cable. Use bend and junction instead.
20mm conduit. No more than 2 x CAT6 telecommunications cables to be installed.
25mm conduit, No more than 4 x CAT6 telecommunications cables to be installed.
32mm conduit, No more than 8 x CAT6 telecommunications cables to be installed.
Basket tray, 50% fill ratio is allowed for open cable tray.

Cables from all cameras should be routed to CCTV Panel which contains DVR or NVR and Hard Disk. You can Place either under Stair case, at cupboard under TV, Or if you are more concern about security you can even place in Mater Bedroom in little heigh area which is not easily accessible and lockable. The advantage of placing CCTV panel or DVR near TV is that there is no need for another monitor or extra cable to view the CCTV footage. If TV is Far away, we may be needing Extra LAN cable to TV, Then LAN to HDMI converter to connect to TV.
If you have Broadband connection the best place to keep the modem or Wi-Fi Router is near by CCTV Panel. So that you can connect your DVR or NVR to network. This will help you to monitor CCTV from mobile and even aboard. Otherwise, you have to bring separate LAN cable from modem to DVR.

You Should Place cameras in such angle so that we can view all people and vehicle with its number entering your gate and doors. If you wish place camera in front of your gate to monitor roads then you can put a 25mm plumbing pipe through the ground near the gate. If all these things are done in advance while constructing you new house, we can avoid the filthy and dirty extensions and piping work that we see in many places later when CCTV is installed.