Easy Way To Reduce Electricity Bill Save Money By Just Switching Off Plug Point & Not From Remote

Easy Way To Reduce Electricity Bill | Save Money By Just Switching Off Plug Point & Not From Remote

In this article, we discussed the easiest way to reduce electricity bills. Just Switching Off Plug Point & Not From the Remote control can reduce electricity bills and Save your money. We normally think that switching off the Television/AC from the remote, or just turning the power button off of an electrical appliance makes sure that it is not consuming any electricity. But the truth is that this appliance will continue to consume a small amount of electricity till the plug point is not switched off manually. The LEDs indicators, voltage stabilizer in build or external if used and internal circuitry constantly consume electricity until the power is switched off from the plug point. This is also very evident just by touching the home appliance from its temperature. For example, the mobile chargers, voltage stabilizers, set-top boxes etc. you can confirm the amount of electrical energy being wasted as heat energy. As we normally say small drops of water combine to form an ocean.

A study done on this topic reveals that we waste about 7-10% of units consumed in the form of standby power. In order to calculate the actual saving of electricity through this method is also very simple. Just multiply the number of hours an appliance is connected to the mains and is in standby mode by 7% of the total load of that equipment. This resulting number will give a good indication of how much unit of electricity and there by how much electricity bill can be reduced by taking simple and inexpensive method.

We waste a lot of electricity unknowingly in the form of standby power through these home appliances. A simple & easy way to cut this down is to make a good habit of switching off all the home appliances from the plug point manually as soon as the appliance has not been used. This will also help to protect your equipment and home appliance from unwanted surges which may come in the line. Also, very helpful to avoid electrical shock from damaged equipment and mobile chargers.